This article explains how to set up the Datapel Shopify Link App.

Detail Steps

  1. Login to respective Shopify online shop as https://{store name}

for example


2.  Check on the <Apps> tab whether the “Datapel Shopify Link” App is installed. If not, follow the instructions.

Figure 2: Authorization Command

Follow the next step if the command does not allow the user to install the “Datapel Shopify Link” App.

Figure 3: Authorization URL

Copy the whole URL from the screen into a browser and adding below at the end of it: &redirect_uri=

The final URL will be:,write_products,write_orders,write_shipping&redirect_uri=

Figure 4: “Datapel Shopify Link” App Installation

The final URL will call the Shopify online shop and ask for user login.

After user login, it will prompt to install the “Datapel Shopify Link” App.

Just click on <Install unlisted app> and ignore whatever that popups.

Wait for 1 minute, go to your standard Shopify App tab to double-check if the “Datapel Shopify Link” App is installed.

Figure 5: “Datapel Shopify Link” App installed

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