To support Discounting by Product Group or Brand the WMS uses the Special Pricing Schedule (SPS) and NONINVENTORY items that identify the Brand/Group being discounted.

Allocate brands as custom list fields (you must only use CUSTOMLIST#1)

Items are associated with a BRAND or GROUP using CUSTOMLIST#1. The field chosen in CUSTOMLIST#1 indicates the BRAND or GROUP of the item.

For example you could have a CUSTOMLIST option of ALine or DATAPEL as your product group or as a brand.

  • This feature requires the optional Special Pricing module for WMS.
  • Ensure the SPS tag is switched on in Prefs.xml <WMSAsSPSSource>True</WMSAsSPSSource> (done by Datapel Support)
  • Ensure that SPS is also switched on in Preferences (Sales tab) under "Use Special Pricing Schedules (SPS)"
  • Special price uses best price , lowest price.
  • If the same Item involved in two or more SPS setups then if any setup price set to 0 price and/or 0 discount then WMS will default to Base Sell Price. To resolve this issue please amend/delete zero value line or put 100% discount to give for free to re-calculate correct price.


Tools > Preferences  > Sales setting - "Always use Item Special Price if available".

When this option is ON, Best price is ignored and the priority is individual Customer in special pricing then Group pricing.

For examples:
Item Standard price = $800.00
SPS for the customer = $1000.00
SPS for the customer Group = $500.00

If "Always use Item Special Price if available" is ON, the customer sales will be charged $1000.00
If "Always use Item Special Price if available" is OFF, the customer sales will be charged $500.00

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Detail Steps

Create brand group items

To allow discounts to be APPLIED a NON-INVENTORY ITEM is created with its ITEM NUMBER as the CUSTOMLIST Brand or Group field name. The item name is usually set to read BRAND or GROUP ITEM.

IMPORTANT: CUSTOMLIST#1 and the ITEM NUMBER must be an exact match for the Item to be recognized as a BRAND / GROUP identifier.

1.Open MYOB – login to your company file. Select the LISTS menu then click Custom Lists and Field Names, now click the Items Tab.

2. It is recommended that Custom List #1 be replaced with BRAND or GROUP.

3. Again select the LISTS menu then click Custom Lists – Items. Here you create all possible Brand or Group labels that will be used in associating items with Brands or Groups.

4. For each of these LIST ITEMS, a NON-INVENTORY BRAND/GROUP item must be created. Remember that the Item Number must correspond with the Custom List#1 selection.

* Item Customlist and Item number must match 

* The Brand/Grouping Item should have a price set to $0.

5. Apply Brand to all your required stock Items

6. Open WMS

7. Perform Maintenance Replication

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