This document explains how Special Pricing Schedules are created for customer groups.

The WMS uses the Customer Card IDENTIFIER to set pricing for a GROUP of customers.

It is recommended that the first 10 - 15 Identifiers are reserved for Customer Groups.

Any specials applied to these GROUPS will be used to all customers with the same IDENTIFIER in their Card Details setting.

Special Pricing by Group works in conjunction with the other special pricing strategies support in WMS - for example, BRAND, ITEM, etc. The WMS will attempt to return the best price based on whichever strategy returns the lowest price.

  • This feature requires the optional Special Pricing module for WMS.

  • New Tag <UseMultiSPSGroups>True</UseMultiSPSGroups> needs to be activated in Prefs.xml (done by Datapel Support)

  • Ensure the SPS tag is switched on in Prefs.xml <WMSAsSPSSource>True</WMSAsSPSSource> (done by Datapel Support)

  • Ensure no values in this tag <SPSExcludeIdentifer></SPSExcludeIdentifer>(done by Datapel Support).

  • Ensure that SPS is also switched on in Preferences (Sales tab) under "Use Special Pricing Schedules (SPS)."

  • Special price uses best price, lowest price.

  • If the same item is involved in two or more SPS setups, if any setup price is set to 0 prices and/or 0 discount, WMS will default to Base Sell Price. Please amend/delete the zero value line or put a 100% discount for free to re-calculate the correct price to resolve this issue.

When the below option is ON, the Best price is ignored, and the priority is individual Customers in special pricing then Group pricing.

Options ➡ Preferences  ➡ Sales tab ➡ setting - "Always Use Item Special Price if available".

When this option is ON, the Best price is ignored, and the priority is individual Customer in special pricing then Group pricing.

For examples:
Item Standard price = $800.00
SPS for the customer = $1000.00
SPS for the customer Group = $500.00

If "Always use Item Special Price if available" is ON, the customer sales will be charged $1000.00
If "Always use Item Special Price if available" is OFF, the customer sales will be charged $500.00

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Detail Steps

1: A Customer Group Card must be created in Accounting System.

The Card must be of type CUSTOMER and must start with *CustomerGroup to be recognised by the WMS SPS module.

2: It is required that the Card Identification be set as the Group Name and the IDENTIFIER selected with a customised label. In the exact formatting of "*GROUPA" "*GROUPB", "*GROUPC", The asterisc is compulsory.

3: Set the Customer Group Identifier as shown.

4: Make sure the Customers are added to the group by selecting the identifier as per the group name - in this example Group A.

5. Follow this article to create a new Special Price schedule Creating Special Pricing and select customer as *GROUPA" "*GROUPB", "*GROUPC", etc.

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