This article explains how to Create Special Pricing for ALL Customers.

  • This feature requires the optional Special Pricing module for WMS.
  • New Tag <UseMultiSPSGroups>True</UseMultiSPSGroups> needs to be activated in Prefs.xml (done by Datapel Support)
  • Ensure the SPS tag is switched on in Prefs.xml <WMSAsSPSSource>True</WMSAsSPSSource> (done by Datapel Support)
  • Ensure that SPS is also switched on in Preferences (Sales tab) under "Use Special Pricing Schedules (SPS)"
  • Special price uses best price , lowest price.
  • In Special pricing only can enter either discount percent in disc% OR price (after the discount) in the unit price column.
  • If the same Item involved in two or more SPS setups then if any setup price set to 0 price and/or 0 discount then WMS will default to Base Sell Price. To resolve this issue please amend/delete zero value line or put 100% discount to give for free to re-calculate correct price.


Tools > Preferences  > Sales setting - "Always use Item Special Price if available".

When this option is ON, Best price is ignored and the priority is individual Customer in special pricing then Group pricing.

For examples:
Item Standard price = $800.00
SPS for the customer = $1000.00
SPS for the customer Group = $500.00

If "Always use Item Special Price if available" is ON, the customer sales will be charged $1000.00
If "Always use Item Special Price if available" is OFF, the customer sales will be charged $500.00

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Detail Steps

Customer card *ALL CUSTOMERS should be already available in your WMS.

If for any reasons you are unable to locate this card, please create new Customer card in MYOB based on below information:

To create SPS for WMS:

1. Open WMS

2. Go to Sales register

3. Open Actions > select Special Pricing

4.  Select ''New''

5. After this action opens new Special Price Schedule screen

From WMS 10.2.180 edition Special Pricing Item description can be edited to add more detailed information.

This allows for reports or re-purpose of the description for additional scripting rules.

6. Select Customer as  *ALL CUSTOMERS card

7. Select Date range and comment if required

8. Select Item or Multiple Items (select Ctrl + Enter to open Stock Lookup Assistant and select from there)

9. Update Discount % or Unit Price 

In Special pricing only can enter either discount percent in disc% OR price (after the discount) in the unit price column . It will reflect correctly when you create sales.

10. Record Special Prices

11. New Special Prices SPS is ready for use

To apply Special Price discount on Sales:

  1. Open Sales register
  2. Create New Sales Order
  3. Select ANY Customer and Item or Multiple Items on special
  4. New price will automatically applied to these items as per Special Price Schedule.

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