When a sale fails to import correctly or cannot be imported due to conversion failures some details of the order remain in the database import table. These records prompt the user to import orders even when there are no orders ready for import. This document explains how to remove the import order records from the system and allow new orders to be imported.

Detail Steps

  1. Log in as superuser
  2. Go to File -> Backup -> Backup Now
  3. If successful continue, if unsuccessful troubleshoot backup.
  4. Go to File -> Purge ->
  5. Read warning message and select OK.
  6. Select ONLY "import sales table"
  7. Select "Start Purge"
  8. Select OK to continue.
  9. Completion message will appear
  10. Select OK
  11. Return to WMS
  12. Review your systems for any unimported sales
  13. Continue to import sales as normal

Related Information

Import logs can be found in Tools, connect, Status reporter.