This article explains why manual Bin and/or Batch selection sometimes causes Order to fail to Pick/Pack and Ship.

Check stock availability in particular Location > Bin and/or > Batch before manually selecting them in the Transfer Order.

Detail Steps

Example Item “StockItem1”

  1. A user creates new Transfer Order and manually selects Bin A1A2 > Batch ABC > qty 2000.

Note: There is not enough stock in selected Bin A1A2 and Batch ABC. Only qty 15 available for immediate transfer but the user-selected qty 2000.

2. After creating Transfer, it shows as RTP (Ready to Pick) in the Despatch register.

3. User attempts to Pick Order, but nothing happens. Unable to Pick Order and Status not changing.

This is because the stock is unavailable for particular Bin, Batch, and qty selection. Order still shows as RTP as it is available somewhere else in the same location.

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