MYOB API checklist (MYOB services)

Reason: Error status code: 0. Encountered a communication error [http:localhost:808/accountright/]

Detail Steps

1. To ensure all 4 services highlighted yellow running. Can view under Task Manager.(Right-click Task bar>Task Manager>Services tab)

-if running MYOB version 2018.2 then the task  will show 'MYOB AccountRight Server 2018.2'


2. Ensure Server version AccountRight is installed and not PC version.

3. Ensure latest MYOB API installed depending on the MYOB Account Right version.

     ==>For example if MYOB Account Right version is 2018 then MYOB API should be 2018 and not 2017 etc.

4. Client have to uninstall old version MYOB API and reinstall MYOB Accounts Right latest version  which will prompt to install the MYOB API.

MYOB API folder should look similar to:

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