The following procedure describes how to apply an expiry date to a stock group that is BATCH TRACKED.

To track the EXPIRY DATE for an item stock group, the ITEM MUST BE BATCH-SERIAL tracked.

The Expiry date is generally applied during the GOODS INWARD process from the Receiving Register.

Detail Steps

Receiving Stock and applying Expiry dates

  1. Go to Receiving Register

  2. Locate Receive Order

  3. Open Order to Receive Stock

  4. Select “Receive To” location if left blank

  5. Tick the box “Apply Expiry Date.

  6. Select Expiry date
    In this example, a shipment of BatchItem2 is received - if the item does not have a BATCH Serial number, we recommend using the PURCHASE ORDER number as the reference.

You must tick USE EXPIRY DATE at the time the goods are received.

Expiry dates YEAR must be entered as a full-year four-digit format, e.g. 20/09/2024.

If the user uses the shortcut to enter the date (24 instead of 2024), the expiry date gets blank and might cause the system to fail to save the date.

It is assumed that all items on the Purchase will be Expiry Date Tracked.

If this is not the case, then it is recommended the stock be receipted normally as BATCH TRACKED and EXPIRY DATES applied using the MANAGE STOCK GROUP function.

7. Choose “BATCH SERIAL Numbers per receive line” to enable different EXPIRY DATES entries per line item.

In this case, the item does not have a batch number, so the Purchase Order number is used to Receipt the Stock.

How to View Expiry Dates?

From the Item Register - Select an item and choose the Detail View.

For detailed information, double click on the selected Batch Serial number.

The Expiry Date is shown along with the date the stock was created in the WMS.

To modify the EXPIRY DATE, choose Manage Stock Group.

Note that MANAGE STOCK GROUP is only available to ADMINISTRATORS - check with your system administrator to ensure you have correct access rights for this function.

To review stock expiry dates - Choose Reports - Stock List. There is an option to GROUP BY Expiry Date in Ascending or Descending Order.

On Purchase Order reopening, WMS shows the current (updated) expiry date and not the original.

If you update the Item Expiry date via Manage stock Group > this info will also reflect on Purchase Order.

Picking Orders based on Expiry Date

When picking orders, the WMS has an option that allows you to pick OLDEST stock first - this is called FEXFO - First Expiry First Out.

It is recommended that when Auto Picking an order, you use the FEXFO option. If an item does not have an expiry date, then the system applies standard FIFO picking strategies.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Always use a BATCH SERIAL number when tracking expiry dates - if the item does not have a tracking code use your PO number as a reference - alternative - use the EXPIRY DATE as a 4 or 6 digit code, e.g. EXP0109.

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