Upon hand off the box and it is ready to pack. Now the order is ready in the Area (Yellow Zone 1).

You need to start pick up the box. You got to complete the whole collection process otherwise reset the whole order. You cannot part collect the order and then jump out the system, it assumes you haven't collect anything.

Detail Steps

Step 1: Turn on the Velocity and from the Mobility Home select option “Despatch”.

Step 3: Select Order Box List

  • Press Previous Menu button – Return to Step 2.

Step 4: Collect order

  • Press Collect Order button – Go to Step 5.

  • Press Exit to cancel and return to Step 3.

Step 5: Scan or enter box number

  • Press Box List button to continue – Go to Step 6.

  • Press Exit button to cancel and return to Step 3. 

Step 6: All collected

Press Continue button and retun to Step 3.

Step 7: A list of collection order.

  • This indicates that no box list need to be collected.

  • Press Continue button – Go to print label

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