Release 1.7.159

NOTE: Security.XML has been updated and may require users to confirm access rights.


Release - 1.7.155

Performance Update Release

Explanatory Notes:

What changed?
It appears as though the initial code template used to create the database to object interface 
had an embedded CloseDatabaseConnection which has now been removed.
Why is this an issue?
It is generally not an issue - however it uncovered some problems - each close of the database Commits 
transactions which in turn can effect some higher level actions with a fail state creating the OnHold 
issues we currently experience.
More importantly it adds an overhead to SQL Server and Access especially when connecting over a network.
Has this improved performance?
Yes - for example a 150 line sale was taking 10 seconds to load now takes 3 seconds to load - generally 
picking is twice as fast versions.
This change also reduces the load on the Sql Server and system wide performance should be improved as 
less connections are being established and destroyed.
Generally we can expect a 10-25% overall performance improvement. 

Release - 1.7.154

Added new View vDBQ_DefaultBinQuantity and vOBQ_OverflowBinQuantity

  These two new views are for use with reporting and summarise Quantity in the DEFAULT(PICK) and OVERFLOW(BULK) bins and returns 
  a single record per location to indicate the current Quantity in the BIN and the MIN/MAX quantity required for the Bin.

Release - 1.7.153


 The new commandline switch is /IMPORT_SALES and will trigger a UI-less version of the FILE-IMPORT-REMOTE SALES option.
 Default location MUST BE set in the SUPERUSER profile as this is normally updated via the UI.
 Auto Pick MUST BE set in the SUPERUSER profile so imported orders can be auto fulfilled.
 Ensure the scheduled task does not coincide with other background imports - datapulls should be ok.
 It is recommended that frequency is kept to a minimum and does not overlap any ftp downloads - this avoids processing of partially imported files.
 As a rule every hour should be reasonable - while anything less than 5 minutes should be avoided unless reviewed by Datapel first.

Release - 1.7.152

Completed Issues / Updates

Release - 1.7.151

Completed Issues / Updates

Release - 1.7.150

Completed Issues / Updates
New Prefs.XML
New Indexes on:
  SAL_PromiseDate, LIT_Status, LIT_BaseStockID, STK_LocationsID, STK_BinID, PKL_LocationID, PKL_Status, BST_IStock, BST_CustomList1
Deployment/Update Notes
  BARCODEWIZ update --- important
  The core control used to create barcodes has been upgraded to the latest version to address some print and control failure cases.
  Preliminary testing indicates that the error checking and validating of barcode format has been tightened up - therefore some existing forms
  may fail and require adjusting or more importantly correcting for existing issues.
  Labels.xml --- important
  The new version of the control has caused as change in the EAN13 code stored within the labels xml and requires the wizard to be
  stepped thru and the label updated otherwise a message similar to : UPC-E must start with 0 (zero) is displayed.

Release - 1.7.148

Datapel Point of Sale (PoS) Pilot Release. DataPOS is a new module available for WMS Professional and Enterprise providing a simple Touch Screen Point of Sale terminal interface that supports the following basic functions: Contact Datapel for more information or a demonstration.

POS Features

  1. Simplified Sale Order Entry for fast order processing with predefined customer, ship method and inventory location.
  2. Compatible with Barcode scanner, docket printer and cash draw. At this stage tested with EPSON TM-T20 and standard COM PORT based Cash Draw.
  3. Incorporates automatic rounding for Cash Payments with clear operator Change notification.
  4. Ability to add detailed Customer information and sale notes.
  5. Overall % or fixed dollar discount at PoS.
  6. Auto Allocate (Pick) of PoS sales on record.
  7. Supports WMS Special Pricing module.
  8. Separate Sale Form for Receipt printer stationary.


Release - 1.7.145

Release - 1.7.141

Release - 1.7.135

Release - 1.7.133

Release - 1.7.132

Release - 1.7.131

Release - 1.7.130

Release - 1.7.129 

Release - 1.7.127