The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

It's important to note that you need to log in as a Superuser to make DataPos Preference Changes.

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Default Location

Default POS Location.

Always override user location

If ON will override Users Default Location.

Use POS Sale date as Invoice Date

 If ON Sale date will be set as Invoice Date.

Default Shipping method

Select as needed.

On Sale Record:

Which Order Status is set on Sale record.

Default POS customer

Default Sale Customer, but the entry screen has options to change to a specific customer.

Always override user Customer.

If On will override user customer to default customer.

Always use the POS docket receipt form

Default Format – “Saledocket.RPT”

Hide line details for Kit items

 If ON will hide Kit line items and will show only Kit header item.

Allow Customer identification scan selection

If ON will allow customer ID scan.

Always Open cash draw on Sale Record.

 If ON will prompt to Open cash draw on Sale record.

Cash draw communication port:

Please select your cash draw communication port from the drop-down list

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