This article explains WMS recovery work-flow .

Detail Steps

1. Zip last nights Datapel Folder (Common and Warehouse Management System folder) and WMS DB backup file and upload to

Please email the File Transfer link to .

1. Disable Task Scheduler for overnight replication.
2. Backup MYOB Data file.

After backup data, please proceed to following steps for server recovery from Customers IT:

1. Format Windows.
2. Windows Update.
3. MYOB Installation.
4. Restore MYOB Data file.
5. To test open MYOB Data file by using MYOB.
6. To provide server access login info (RDP / Teamviewer ID & Password) to Datapel

After server recovery, please inform Datapel to proceed for WMS setup:

1. WMS Installation
2. SQL Server Installation
3. Restore WMS DB
4. Restore WMS Folder
5. Test DB Connection
6. WMS Activation
7. Launch WMS
8. Perform WMS Health Check and replication

After WMS setup complete, please arrange users for UAT testing.

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