The contact list is synchronised with the Datapel WMS, and the CONTACT type is identified by the SKYPE NAME – this is a REQUIRED FIELD for Datapel WMS integration. SKYPE NAME is also used to identify the PRICING GROUP for which a customer or supplier is associated.

Detail Steps

The following types are used by Datapel: datapel.cus, datapel.sup, datapel.usr

If there is NO CONTACT TYPE in the SkypeName Datapel WMS will assume this is a CUSTOMER contact record. It is recommended that you create CONTACT GROUPS for Datapel Customer, Datapel Supplier, and Datapel Users to keep your contacts sorted and to ensure that all contacts are correctly associated with a type.

To ensure that CONTACTS are labelled correctly, it is recommended they are created FROM the WMS once initial onboarding completes.

The Datapel WMS will AUTOMATICALLY update Account Number, so it is recommended this be reserved for use in XERO directly.

Xero does not allow duplicate name entries for 2 contacts.
Please create a new contact with a full stop at the end of the name if there is the same name for Supplier or Customer contacts.

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