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Adding and Removing Item Attachments
Adding and Removing Item Attachments

Adding and Removing Item Attachments

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This feature requires the optional Document Attachments module for WMS.

Each Item can support document attachments. These documents will remain filed and tracked with the item until deleted.

Detail Steps

To add a document to an item:

1. Select the Attachments tab.

2. Right-click and select Add a document into the detail view.

Attachments can be tracked for the entire item, like a Product Specification or each batch/serial number, like import or customs documentation or test/condition reports.

To remove attachments:

1. Select the attachment.
2. Right-Click with the mouse, select Remove.

To open a document:

1. Double-Click the attachment icon or Right-Click and Open.

For security purposes, “Drag and Drop” attachment files are not supported on Cloud WMS.

Please double-click or right-click to open attachments.
Drag and drop only work on older premise WMS application versions.

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