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Checking Out Stock
Checking Out Stock

Checking out Stock

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From the Items Register, a similar process is used to reduce stock. Remove inventory is used more towards for 3rd party logistic companies who don’t cost their inventory or need to send to accounting. Choose Remove Inventory from the Shortcut sidebar.


All stock entered through the receiving process will be visible in the Purchase Register. In addition, a ‘check in’ can be identified as the invoice number will be marked as CHECKIN.

You can use a custom view to GROUP by Invoice Number to display all checked in stock.

Batch Serial Number tracking is a critical function of the WMS. All stock is traceable to the original purchase order. This tracking capability allows the WMS to produce detailed reports and support complicated inventory management workflows.

Detail Steps

STEP 1. Open the Check-Out Inventory form by clicking on the Remove Inventory shortcut in the Register Flow Chart.

STEP 2. The top section of the form is filled out once for all of the stock being removed in this transaction.

First, select the Location that you are removing the stock from.

STEP 3. Select a Customer from the drop-down list.

STEP 4. Select the staff member that is checking out this stock.

STEP 5. Enter the reference number you wish to use for this Check Out.

For example, this may be the sale invoice number used to sell this stock in MYOB. If you leave the field as AUTO #, then the system will generate a reference for you.

STEP 6. Users can modify the date field to match the date the stock was sold, but this defaults to today.

STEP 7. Change the Ship By by dropping the list down and clicking a shipping method.

STEP 8. Now you are ready to add the items you wish to check out of the system. Enter the Item Number or barcode for the stock you wish to remove. Users can scan the barcode.

Note the pins next to some of the fields in this form. These can be pushed in to lock the field at its current value.

For example, when you wish to check out one of every item you are removing, make sure 1 is in the Qty field and push in the pin. This will make the field lock and be skipped when moving through the fields.

STEP 9. You must always select a batch that you are removing the Stock from. If the item is not tracked, then you must select the untracked batch. This batch is marked with a ~ sign.

Press the button with the “…” next to the Batch-Serial box.

The Pick Stock screen will show.

STEP 10. This will show the batches of stock that are available to choose from for this particular Item. Click the serial number you wish to use and press Use Selected.

If you are checking out an untracked item, the pick screen will show an untracked batch. Click this batch and press Use Selected.

You can not select Bins, as WMS will automatically load the Bin with your selected serial number. The same applies to the date.

STEP 11. When enough information about the stock has been entered, then WMS will enable the Add Line button at the bottom.

STEP 12. Click the Add Line to put this stock into the Register list and continue adding the next Item.

Repeat the steps above for each item you wish to Check Out.

STEP 13. When you have entered all the items to be checked out, click the register tab.

This will list all the items you have just added to the Register list. Review the details in the list.

STEP 14. You may enter one or many items at a time. If the list has an item that is not correct, click the line and press the Remove button.

STEP 15. Then click back on the Details tab and enter the Item again.

If everything on the Register list looks correct, then press the Remove Inventory at the bottom.

STEP 16. Press Yes on the next message to Check the stock Out or Cancel to go back and make more changes.

If you wish to cancel the Check-In, close the Add Inventory window with the cross in the top right corner.

Then answer no to the question about adding the inventory to the system.

The stock is now Checked Out from the system.

Cancel a Check Out

  1. Select the order in Despatch Register.

  2. Right-click Drill to Source.

  3. Click on "Cancel Despatch".

  4. Select OK to confirm.

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