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Receiving stock using USB scanner
Receiving stock using USB scanner

Receiving stock using USB scanner in Receiving Register

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This document explains receiving stock using USB scanner in Receiving Register. System will automatically populate quantity in the quantity column in Receiving Register when you scan item barcode.

Workflow Restrictions

This method is different when you scan item barcode and require to enter ZERO to activate LIST in batch serial column.

Detail Steps

1. Go to Tools > Preferences > Replication and tick the checkbox "Always create Proforma on Supplier ReOrder" .

Workflow Restrictions

Only ''Superuser'' can make changes in System Preferences

2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Security and tick the checkbox "Allow Receipt of Purchase Orders".

3. Record Preferences.

4. Re-startup WMS (logoff and login).

5. Open Purchase Order screen > scan the item barcode and system will update Quantity automatically.

Related Information

  • This is working in WMS V9 and WMS V10 editions.

  • Putting scanner thru a USB hub is NOT recommended.

  • Datapel recommends the use of a Power Supply to be connected to the base station to assist with charging of the cordless scanner.

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