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Scanner setup for Cloud WMS

Setting up for Cloud WMS setup

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Scanner setup for Cloud WMS - LS2208

Detail Steps

1. Attached is the document of Datapel Cloud Scan Settings

For Google Chrome browser:

1. For Google Chrome browser, to disable F12 opening the dev console, add the below extension to browser and turn ON.

3. LS2208 - Scan the following:

  1. DontSendUnknown - refer to the attached pdf document in step 1 section “USB Ignore Unknown Characters.”

  2. ConvertToUPPER - refer to the attached pdf document in step 1 section “Convert Case.”

  3. 4. Honeywell or any general scanners- to confirm that F12 has been successfully activated on the scanner, you need to test by scanning a barcode into a Word document (has to be Word, not Notepad) and If the "Save As" window pops up.

Workflow restrictions

  • If not setup correctly will result in scrambled scan results, and you may be unable to use quick scan functions.

    In case of scanner delay in sending barcode:

  • Print out the attached Datapel Cloud Scan Setting documents and scan the following code:

    1. Long Delay (40 msec)
    2. Override Caps Lock Key (Enable)
    3. Do Not Send Bar Codes with Unknown Characters
    4. Enable Convert Unknown to Code 39
    5. Convert All to Upper Case
    6. *Enable USB Static CDC (1)

For MS Edge browser:

To change the F12 keyboard shortcut setting that opens the DevTools in Ms Edge browser, complete the following actions:

  1. For Ms Edge browser, to disable F12 opening the dev console, ensure the below setting is turned OFF

    1. Navigate to edge://settings/system.

    2. Go to “Developer Tools” > “Use F12 key to open the Developer tools”, turn it OFF

    3. After you set it to OFF, verify that F12 no longer opens DevTools

    4. To verify, press F12 and it should not open the dev console (DevTools)

    5. After setting it to OFF, if need to open DevTools (while the setting is still OFF), manually press Ctrl+Shift+I

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