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WMS Preferences - Barcode
WMS Preferences - Barcode

Controlling Barcode Preferences of WMS

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The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

Workflow Suggestion

Consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

Important Note

You need to log in as a Superuser to make Barcode Preference Changes.

Detail Steps

Barcode Field

UDF Field #1,
Custom Field #3

Dedicated Custom Field or UDF field number used for Barcodes

Show Details on Item Scan.

On or Off

On = Brings up Item Details Window whenever an item is Scanned

Check GTIN on EAN-128 compliant barcodes.

On or Off

On = Uses and recognizes the GTIN check digit

Always ScanTag EAN-128 barcodes

On or Off

On = Uses ScanTag EAN-128 barcodes

Always use Scan Picking in Despatch

On or Off

On = Required if using QuickScan workflow

Always Track Serial Numbers in Receiving.

On or Off

On = Asks Users to record a serial/batch number when receiving items

Remove Leading Zeros on Barcodes.

On or Off

On = Removes leading Zeros from a barcode
e.g., 000900007 would scan as 900007

Attempt Numeric Match on Scanned Batch-Serial#

On or Off

On = match numeric numbers on scanned batch-serial numbers

Use Special Barcode Terminator as [F12].

On or Off

On = Recommended that this preference be On if using scanners.
โ€‹Note: A Scanner needs to be configured to enable the F12 command

Use GS1 as the Batch Serial Number to create unique articles

On or Off

On = Uses GS1 as the serial number

Default Symbol.

Code 39 Extended,
Code 128 A,
EAN 13,
EAN 128

System-Wide Default Barcode Symbolization

Default Label Form:

Avery Sizes 3110, 3261L, 6570, L7168, L7166, L7165, L7173, L7164, L7156, L7157, L7158, L7159, L7651,
and any other Custom Label Forms created and save using the Wizard

System-Wide Default Label Form

Default Pack Label:


System-Wide Default Pack Label Format

Use Customized Prefix and Suffix Strings

On or Off

Prefix as... or Suffix as ...

On = uses customized prefix or suffix.


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