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WMS Preferences - Inventory
WMS Preferences - Inventory

Controlling the inventory processes and workflow of WMS

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WMS Inventory Preferences


The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

It's suggested to consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

It's important to note that you need to log in as a Superuser to make Inventory Preference Changes.

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Batch Serial Auto number sequence

When creating a BATCH ID, how it is to be formatted.

Use Auto# Prefix Next#

Batch ID No Prefix and starting No.

Allow multi-location picking and packing of orders

Allows Bulk picking for Multiple Locations.

Canceled transfers are retained for auditing.

If turned ON, Cancelled Transfers will retain for Auditing/reporting.

Show Item Purchase Description when Receiving

Uses the PO description rather than Item Description.

Track split Batches with LOT# Allow Editing LOT#

When split, batches will create LOT# that can be manually changed if set to off stock is lumped into the existing batch (1).

Warn on creating Duplicate Batch Serial numbers

Warns for duplicates

Reorder Alerts use Item Master levels

Uses Accounting Software Min levels rather than MIN/MAX in WMS.

Untick will use WMS MIN/MAX levels normally when an item is marked non-inventory in Accounting Software and min/max disabled in Accounting Software.

Show Non-Inventory Items Show Inactive

On will display non-inventoried items within the Item Register. On will display inactive items within the Item Register

Use Units (UoM) in Stock Adjustments

Ticked will use Units, and Unticked will use Qty

Use WO Reference as Assembly Batch Number

Will override normal batch no method.



Enable Order Allocation to Reserve Available Inventory

Allows allocating order to reserve available inventory. Turning on this will show the order in the sales/despatch register as 'OPEN' instead of 'RTP status

Restrict Allocation to Available Quantities by Location

On to restrict yo available qty


Select your Pick method.

Directed Picking is restrict the pick/pack document access for unpicked orders. Also changes default Pick and Pack form in use.

Default Method

Select your Default Picking type method Picking Types

Priority Pick Default Putaway Bin then use Default Pick Method.

Will go to the DEFAULT bin first, then picking the Order setting.

All Transfers between locations must be Received.

Upon creating a despatched transfer order, one will create an open receive order within the receiving register of the designated transfer location. Requires manual put away rather than auto. Requires bins to be specified in the putaway location on the original order entry where bins are used.

Use Default Putaway Bin for Receiving and Transfers

On will designate the default Put away Bins for Receive and Transfer goods. Uses Default BIN rather than β€œReceive” bin.

On Transfer Record

Sets the transfer and Despatch Register with selected status on saving a new Transfer Record.

On CheckOut Order

Sets the Despatch Register with selected status on saving a new Check out Record.

Allow Over Receiving at Goods Inward

Requires Accounting software adjustment after receipt of goods if used.

Allow Order Over-Picking during Despatch

Allows over picking to update sale order use for Special Products. For example, meat where weight can vary.

Always Pick Kit Sets Complete Backorder ALL Kit Lines

Pick Kit sets completely and Backorder all Kit lines

Prompt to post Accounting transaction on Stock Adjustment

Allows for the user to decide to update Accounting software as well as WMS after each inventory adjustment.

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