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WMS Preferences - Sales
WMS Preferences - Sales

Controlling inventory processes and workflows of WMS

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The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

Workflow Suggestion

Consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

Important Note

You need to log in as a Superuser to make Sales Preference Changes.

Detail Steps



Sale Auto#

Set no of Digits and NEXT No to start allocating.

Must use AUTO# as Invoice Number

ON - Forces WMS generated number – no override.

Warn On Duplicate Purchase Order Numbers

ON - Warns if used before.

Show All Order Lines (NSA) on Picking Slips

OFF – used to force Picker to go looking in case of System SOH wrong.

Allow Item Description changes for Sale Lines

ON – allows editing of Description on Sales entry and edit.

Show Sale Line Description in Pick and Pack

ON – shows edited sale line description in detail views of register and on forms as default.

Always show Alert when Over Credit limit

ON- uses Accounting Software Credit Limit and warns when entering/editing SO

No BackOrder Line on Split RTP Items

When Splitting a sale line via part pick, if the Stock is available (RTP), it is canceled rather than put on backorder (special case use).

BackOrders retain Invoice# plus Letter

If ON adds a “B” to original Inv No. OFF allocated next Inv No.

Cancelled orders are retained for Reporting and Audit Trail

The report can be found in Reports, Sales, Lost Sales, and orders can be viewed in the sales register. Note Superuser login will completely delete the entry, and they will NOT be saved for reporting.

Show Non-Inventory Items on Stock ReOrder lists

OFF – will not allow reordering of Non Inventory items.

Show Sales Quantity as Available not OnHand

ON – to show available. OFF – On Hand Qty.

Show Sale Comments on Packing Slip

Shows sale comment on Packing Slip.



Warn on Duplicate Invoice Numbers

Warn if a number has already been used and offer a replacement.

Sale Orders require PO Number

ON - Must have PO number.

Allow Item Exchange or Returns on Sales Orders

This allows negative items in sales order with quantity in negative.

I track Sales using System Job Codes

Only if using Accounting Software Job Codes / same functionality as Accounting Software.

Convert Combined Orders to Quotes

OFF – When using the combined order function, orders that have been combined are kept and converted to quotes.

Combine RTP Orders include Non-Inventory Items

Non-inventory items are moved to new orders along with inventoried items when using the combine function.

Returns use original Date/Invoice Number

ON - use Original Date/Invoice # OFF- new date/Invoice #

Allow Multiple payments for Sales Orders

ON - allow Multi-payments

Apply single payments to Orders on Close

ON- applies for single payment on Closing Order (if multi-payment applied)



Always Use Item Special Price if available

If ON will use the special Price even if not the lowest. Otherwise, WMS will choose Best Price.

Apply Volume Discount after Special Price

If ON will apply Volume Discount after Special Price

Recalculate Sale Line price on click through

OFF – special use – price will recalculate every time a sale line is touched (default to off)


ON - if using Special Pricing Option.

Use Deliver To prices if available

If you want to use Special Pricing for a “Deliver To “ Card rather than a billing card (where available).

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