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WMS Preferences - Purchases
WMS Preferences - Purchases

Preferences for Purchases in WMS

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The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

Workflow Suggestion

Consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

Important Note

You need to log in as a Superuser to make Inventory Preference Changes.

Detail Steps



Purchase Auto# Next#

Set no of Digits and NEXT No to start allocating.

Use Auto# with …

Set Prefix or Suffix for PO.

Must use AUTO# as PO Number

ON - Forces WMS generated number – no override.

Allow Item description changes for Purchase Lines

ON – allows editing of Description on Purchase entry and edit.

Always show Alert when Over Credit Limit

ON- uses Accounting software Credit Limit and warns when entering/editing PO

BackOrders retain original PO#

ON - backorders will retain original PO No

BackOrders retain PO# plus Letter

If ON adds a “B” to original PO No. OFF allocated next PO No.

Show Purchase Orders as Tax Inclusive

ON - show PO entry as Tax Inclusive

Show Item Quantity as Available

ON – to show available. OFF – On Shelf Qty.

Show BackOrdered Lines as Comments

ON - show back-ordered lines as comments on PO.



Warn on Duplicate Supplier Invoice Numbers

ON - Warns if used before.

Purchase Orders require Invoice Number

ON - Must have an Invoice number.

I track Purchases using System Job Codes

ON - Only if using Job Codes.

Include Job Note as short Job comment

ON- shows Job note as a comment

Allow Multiple payments doe Purchase Orders

ON to allow Multi-payments for Purchases.

Apply single payments to Orders on Billing

ON to Apply single payment to Purchase Order/s on Billing. OFF to Apply multi-payments to Purchase Order/s on Billing.

Recalculate Purchase Line Price on click-through

OFF – special use – price will recalculate every time a purchase line is touched (default to off)

Use Supplier Special pricing (SPS)

ON if using Special Pricing Option.

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