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WMS Preferences - Adaptors
WMS Preferences - Adaptors

WMS Preferences - Adaptors

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The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

It's suggested to consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

It's important to note that you need to log in as a Superuser to make Preference Changes.

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Check for Remote Sales and Alert with User Profile

ON uses Select User profile for remote sales check and alert

Use customer default salesperson if available when blank set default as

ON uses default salesperson set in Customer card

Sets selected Salesperson of default blank

Process Payment Information from Remote Sales

ON process payment OFF skips payment information

Import Sale Orders as Tax Inc

ON imports as Inclusive OFF as exclusive

Always use the customers EDI line price

ON uses customer EDI line price

Use eBay transaction ID as Invoice Number

ON uses eBay ID as Invoice number instead of default WMS Invoice number

Use Default eBay freight as Item

ON uses default eBay freight

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