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WMS Preferences - Replication
WMS Preferences - Replication

Controlling replication within WMS

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The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

Workflow Suggestion

Consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

Important Note

You need to log in as a Superuser to make Replication Preference Changes.

Detail Steps



Done on Initial Install. Before this date is set, Purchases in WMS will not be replicated to Accounting software for all occasions, For example, Replicate_ALL, etc.

Invoice status to be set when sending to Accounting software.

Used for Purchases status when sending to Accounting software.

Used for Adjustments status when sending to Accounting software.

Used for Assemblies (WMS Enterprise edition Only) WorkOrder status when sending to Accounting software.

For use with the old method of assembly manual sign out to Accounting software (limitation of sign out days)

Allow creating of Accounting contacts directly from WMS

ON Can create new customers in WMS.

OFF so Comments etc. can be seen in Accounting software

OFF, so all Orders created in Accounting software Replicate/ on bills only

OFFSpecial Use only

OFF so is done at EOD, not manually.

Can receive Qty in Works Order progressively.

OFF – MYOB default is Units.

OFF – used for debugging.

How the Batch # is shown in Accounting software Transactions.

When the price is set to zero in Accounting software, the option automatically calculates the sale entry.

Default price used for new Adjustments

Default price used for new Purchases

Default price used for new Work Orders

Accounting software Multi-Currency - Always use Accounting software to bring currency info to WMS.

WMS foreign Currency - Always use WMS as a foreign currency source and replicate FX rate into Accounting software.

Use Shipped date as Sale Invoice date

To use SHIPPED date, not ORDER Date. Overridden by Customer Date selection in the Sales Order screen.

Use Last Receive date as Purchase Bill date

On will use last Receive date for PO Bills

Use Built date on Workorder Purchase Order/Credit Note

If off workorder entry date is used.

Prompt to create Accounting credit Note on Closing Inwards RMA

On will prompt to createcredit note

ON unless Accounting software, the list has lots of Inactive Items

NEW Items automatically have these options set like Batch/Serial.

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