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What is Replication?
What is Replication?

Synchronising WMS Workspace - Replication

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The process of synchronising the WMS Workspace with your Accounting Company file is called ‘Replication.’

This is a process where WMS scans the related Accounting Company file for important changes then loads this new information into the WMS workspace. For example, new items, customers, or locations will appear in the WMS once a successful Replication occurs.

Replicating is done once or twice daily or as necessary, particularly if significant changes are being made to your Accounting Company file that impacts warehouse operations.

Detail Steps

Synchronising WMS and MYOB

Replication is the process used to keep the WMS and MYOB databases synchronised. The replication process should be done daily.

To begin manual Replication:

1. From the Tools menu, select Connect > Replicate from Accounting.

2. Select one of two available replication modes, “Detailed” or “Express”.

3. Once completed, select Tools > System Audit Report to review Alerts etc.

Replication modes:

Detailed mode > (Maintenance replication) scans Accounting software for ALL/ANY CHANGES or NEW RECORDS and re-index / synchronise WMS with Accounting software.

Express mode > Replicate any Accounting software changes in the last 24 hours.

Other available synchronisation:

Replicate Card (Single card replication) Tools > Find Contacts > Search for the Card > click "Replicate Card."

Synchronize item (Single item replication) Item List Register > double-click to open item Inventory Detail > click "Synchronise Item."

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