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Create or Edit an Item in MYOB
Create or Edit an Item in MYOB

Creating a new item in MYOB for use in the WMS

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This article explains how to create a new item in MYOB for use in the WMS.

Detail Steps

Step 1: Open your MYOB company file.

Step 2: Open Inventory register > Item List.

Step 3: Click on ''New'' at the bottom to create a new item.

Step 4: Enter Item number and press Tab, Enter Item name and Tick all 3 boxes ''I buy'', ''I sell'', ''I Inventory''.

Step 5: Click on Buying detail tab and fill in all information about your Supplier.

Step 6: Click on Selling Details Tab - IMPORTANT To fill in all information, use it in Sales Orders in WMS.

Step 7: Click OK to Save.

To send across new item to WMS

  1. Open WMS.

  2. Click Tools > Connect > Mode > Fast.

  3. Tools > Connect > Replicate from Accounting.

    Items can also be imported into MYOB.

The quantity will not be replicated to WMS; hence, will need to create an Item Adjustment to add the quantity for the New Item.

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Want to update an existing item?

No problem, make the changes in MYOB, and they will update in the WMS during the next replication.

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