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MYOB Reorder Level and Minimum Order
MYOB Reorder Level and Minimum Order

Setting up a non-inventoried MYOB item

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This document explains how to setup a non inventoried MYOB item that has been marked as an inventoried item in WMS for the Reordering Module.

Detail Steps

1: In MYOB open the item to the item detail screen, “Profile” tab.

2: Mark the item as I buy (this may already be set) and add the appropriate account for cost tracking (Your accountant can help you if you are unsure of which account to use).

3: Select the “Buying Details” Tab.

4: In the supplier item number field, after the supplier item number, enter “|” (this is the vertical bar normally found below the backspace button on the same key as the Backslash key and can be used by holding shift while pressing the key) then enter the required minimum level for restocking alert. If you don't have a supplier item number, just enter the minimum level.

With Supplier Item Number b125 | 50

Without Supplier Item Number 50

5: Enter a default reorder quantity in the field provided.

A minimum of 1 is required to activate the reorder function

Related Information

The changes made to MYOB item codes will not be updated until a replication is processed through WMS. For more information on replicating and replicating modes please click the following link Using Replicating Modes.

For information on how to use the reordering system in WMS and the calculation method used please follow the following WMS Stock ReOrdering Module section.

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