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How do I convert MYOB Inventoried Items to Non-Inventory?
How do I convert MYOB Inventoried Items to Non-Inventory?

Converting MYOB Inventoried Items to Non-Inventory

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The following support note describes preparing an MYOB accounting file that uses Inventoried Items to now use the same item list as NON-INVENTORY items.

Workflow Reminders

This procedure should only be followed by authorised system administrators or Datapel Support technicians.

Backups should be made of MYOB Company files at each stage during the implementation of these procedures.

This process document is provided as an example for those who wish to use items as non-inventory. However, it is not required by the WMS to be processed.

Detail Steps

1. Backup the MYOB Company file.

2. Export the Items List so that a WMS Stock Take file can be created from the current

Quantity On Hand.

3. Create an INVENTORY CONVERSION account.

Set Details Tab

4. Go to the Inventory Command Center and select Count Inventory.

The value and count of stock must be set to zero for all Inventoried Items.

5. Once Items are set to Zero > click ADJUST INVENTORY.

6. Place the new Inventory Conversion Account reference as the Adjustment Account.

7. Then, click Continue.

This will post the total adjusting value to this account as an AUDIT trail so that value on hand at the conversion time is traceable.

8. Set the Journal to IJCONVRS and the MEMO to “Inventory Conversion…” as shown.

9. Record the transaction.

10. Return to the Inventory Command Center and check the Item List now shows all INVENTORIED ITEMS as ZERO Quantities.

11. Now check the Asset Accounts have been correctly updated.

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