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WMS-MYOB Inventory Reconciliation Error
WMS-MYOB Inventory Reconciliation Error

Inventory Reconciliation Error (WMS- MYOB)

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Workflow Restrictions

“The master stock count in MYOB Item List does not match the ALL LOCATIONS stock count in WMS.” Or “MYOB reports stock on hand but WMS does not?”

This situation may occur in the following instance:

ITEM SALES of inventoried items were created directly in MYOB and then manually fulfilled, bypassing the WMS.

Detail Steps

To identify a list of MYOB Sales that are not present in the WMS, run the MYOB Item Sales Detail Report and WMS Sales Report.

MYOB Sales Detail Report: Select REPORTS INDEX, SALES, ITEM SALES DETAIL. Add the MEMO field as an optional print column.

All WMS Sales will contain the Invoice# in the MEMO field and the word WMS.

WMS Sales Report: Select Reports, Sales, Summary.

Workflow Restrictions

In all cases, the WMS should be the master record of stockholding and the MYOB item inventory register reconciled with the WMS regularly.

MYOB Sales that are not present in the WMS

CASE: Manual Item Sales Were Created In MYOB.

  1. Print the INVOICE(S) created in MYOB.

  2. Enter these into WMS Sales Module.

  3. If the order was fulfilled and the stock removed from inventory, then MANUALLY PICK the stock used to fulfill the Order.

  4. If the order is waiting to be shipped, allow the WMS to pick, pack, and ship the order automatically.

  5. Invoice Shipped Sales, update the details on the ORDER from the original MANUALLY ENTERED Item Sale.

  6. DELETE the manually entered ITEM SALE in MYOB, then CONVERT the WMS Order to a BILL.

  7. Confirm the Item counts now reconcile.

CASE: Inventory Adjustments were made in MYOB.

  1. Print the adjustments created in MYOB > Inventory Journals, these can be found by using the Item Register and setting a broad date range.

  2. Print the Count Sheets for those items in the WMS.

  3. Identify the stock batch/bin and location adjusted.

  4. Enter the Adjustment Order in the WMS.

  5. Confirm the Item counts now reconcile.

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