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MYOB database restore and WMS sync
MYOB database restore and WMS sync

Restoring MYOB database and syncing WMS

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These are the manual steps that you need to take after you restore the MYOB.

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1. Re-sending Purchase order/s

If PO was created in MYOB:

  • Re-create purchase order/s in MYOB.

  • Replicate in WMS by doing fast replication.


Duplicate order/s will be created

  • Go to Receiving register.

  • Find and Open the duplicate PO.

  • Tick below ‘Order Inactive and Closed’ and this action will mark duplicate PO as Closed.

  • Below message will appear > Select OK.

2. Re-sending Adjustment Order/s

  • This steps is only for any adjustments which was sent to MYOB previously. If adjustment made only for WMS then don't have to resend.

  • Open WMS.

  • Go to Tools > Stock History.

  • Select date range.

  • Select ‘Adjustment’ tab in the bottom pane.

  • Double click the adjustment order/s one by one.

  • Adjustment order will Open as per below.

  • Select “Create MYOB adjustment” to send to MYOB.

  • Click OK on the prompt message shown below.

3. Re-sending Sales order/s

  • Open WMS.

  • Go to Sales Register.

  • Find Order/s with "CLOSED" status and Open one by one.

  • Select “Create MYOB Order” to resend this to MYOB.

4. Run Stock reconciliation report to make sure no stock discrepancies between two system. (Please refer support note)

5. Run Sales reconciliation report to make sure no duplicate or missing in MYOB.(Please refer support note)

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