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Purchasing Stock from Sales Order
Purchasing Stock from Sales Order

Creating purchase order in MYOB

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This document explains how to create a purchase order in MYOB by using a sale in the Warehouse Management System.

Detail Steps

There are two options to purchase stock to resolve an “NSA” order.

First Option

a. Go to the Despatch Register.

b. Right Click on the NSA order you wish to purchase stock for or highlight the order and Select “Create Purchase order” Or Hold “Control and Press “Insert”.

c. The reorder form will appear, showing you some information about the stock as well as the list of items to reorder according to the items on the sale.

d. Check (tick) items you wish to purchase by clicking on the boxes and then select “Create MYOB Purchase Order”.

Second Option

a. Select - Receiving Register (top left from the explorer window).

b. Select Actions form the menu and then option “Create purchase orders”.

c. On the bottom left of the screen > Select the customers name > the SRN (reference number of the order and the Invoice number > Tick the items to reorder and click create purchase order.

Both of the above actions will send a purchase order to MYOB under the supplier set as “Default Supplier” in the item details in MYOB, the purchase orders should be checked (price, qty etc) before sending to suppliers.

Workflow Restrictions

  • Updating the price in WMS after a sale has been sent to MYOB will not be carried over into MYOB, the MYOB sale must be adjusted manually.

  • It is recommended that if the invoice has already been sent to the customer showing the incorrect pricing or if a quantity or item number is incorrect, a credit and new invoice be raised in WMS.

  • Price will be sent from WMS according to selection set in Tools > Preferences > Replication > “Price As”. This can be set to zero, std. cost, avg. cost or last cost.

  • Send purchases to MYOB as does not affect the sending type for reorder" setting is only used for Adjustment notes that are sent as purchases.

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