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Create, Edit, and Clone Purchase Orders
Create, Edit, and Clone Purchase Orders

How-to on Purchase Orders

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Create, Edit, and Clone Purchase Orders


This document contains detailed information about how to Create, Edit and Clone Purchase Orders in WMS.

Detail Steps

Create Purchase orders

How to create purchase orders:

1.Go to Receiving register and select 'New purchase order'

2. Fill in all necessary information and select ''Record Purchase Order.''

3. In Receiving register New Purchase order will appear with Status OPEN

4. Receive Purchase order after stock arrives in the warehouse

5. If the order fully received status will change to CLOSED

6. Highlight Purchase order > Right-click and select ''Bill Received Orders''. This action will send Purchase Bill to MYOB.

7. After Order sync to MYOB status will change to BILLED

8. Purchase Order finalized.

Cloud WMS has new safety measure in place.

No order/s can be resent to Accounting software if it has the same PO number and $ value.

Edit Purchase order

How to Edit OPEN Purchase order:

1. Open Receiving register

2. Find and Highlight Purchase order

3. Right-click and select ''Drill to Source.''

4. Purchase edit screen will open

5. Edit/update items, qty or price

6. Select ''Update Purchase Order."

How to setup Purchase Order numbers in WMS:

1. Logon to WMS as Superuser

2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Purchase Tab

3. Apply for Purchase order numbers

4. Record Preferences

Partial Purchase order receiving:

1. Go to Receiving register

2. Find and Open Purchase Order

3. Add receival qty in ''QTY'' field

4. Select ''Split Receive.''

5. System will Close the Received QTY and create a separate order for the rest of the items.

6. Received and Closed order can be Billed to MYOB.

Purchase Price

  1. Ensure supplier Price level is always set as Base Selling Level (Tools > Find Customers > search for Supplier>Accounts Tab) and not PLx to output correct purchase price in PO.

  2. Having PL price levels will output selling price in PO.

The standard cost in MYOB is tax inclusive.

Standard cost in MYOB is tax inclusive, and there is no option for you to enter exclusive. This is why WMS converts MYOB tax-inclusive cost to tax exclusive. Therefore standard cost in MYOB and WMS looks different.

MYOB always use Average cost

MYOB always use Average cost first.
If AVG cost is zero, then use the LAST cost.
If the LAST cost is zero, then use STD cost.

WMS cost managed via Options > Preferences > Replication tab> select cost for Stock Orders (affects Sales and Purchases)

These changes can be done under the "superuser" account.

Selection options, Standard Cost, Last Cost or Average Cost.

The standard cost to be the same on MYOB and WMS item

If you want the standard cost to be the same in MYOB and WMS, set the item tax code in MYOB to N-T.

Clone Purchase Request

How to clone a Purchase order in WMS:

Purchases cannot be cloned like Sales. Instead, a Purchase request can be created and converted to Purchase Order.

1. Go to Receiving Register.

2. Click "New Purchase Order" (screenshot below)

3. Complete PO and click "Record as Request" (screenshot below)

4. Return to Receiving Register > right-click and drill to source on the PO with the Request status

5. You will notice there's a button "Clone this Quote". Click on it to clone the request as a PO template (screenshot below)

Purchases additional setting

Set the PO settings and supplier SPS via the preferences for Purchases WMS Preferences - Purchases

Adjustments can ONLY be sent as Order/Bill - AccountRightLive does not support QUOTES - check the preferences.

The request does not appear in analyse tab until purchase officer check and convert it to PO. But it appears in the OnOrder column to prevent duplicate/2nd PO raise in the system.

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