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Location Ordering for WMS Receiving and Reporting
Location Ordering for WMS Receiving and Reporting

Specifying location for purchase orders

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In MYOB, you can specify which location a purchase order is going to be received into.

This will allow the software to report Location Specific On Order details throughout the software including the Item Analyse tab on order lookup, Analyse Stock and Analyse Demand Reports and the WMS reorder Module.

Detail Steps

All orders in MYOB need to have the location card set as the ship to address.

  1. Open the purchase in MYOB or create a new purchase in MYOB.

  2. Select ship to another.

  3. Select the location the stock will be received into (This is a supplier card, of which the card identifier will be the name of your location. The card name is normally prefixed with "LOC").

  4. Save.

  5. Replicate (or if you do not require the PO to show in the WMS immediately, allow the information to pass through with the next replication).

  6. The Analyse Tab in Item Details, Analyse Stock and Analyse demand Reports, Reorder Module and Receiving Register will be updated to include the location specific information.

Related Information

  • Do not change the address field after choosing the location card as this address field is read to make the match to receiving location.

  • If you use the Location Specific Stock Reorder Function in the WMS the Location will be set in the purchase order when it is sent to MYOB.

  • Depending on your preference when the software was implemented, the register contains a total on order figure derived directly from the on order field in MYOB (not location specific) or the Sum of the Quantities of the Location Specific purchase orders in MYOB (Will filter by location when the location filter is selected in the item register).

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