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Stock Purchase Ordering Overview
Stock Purchase Ordering Overview

Stock Purchase Ordering Overview

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This article describes a stock ordering overview.

Detail Steps

Stock can be ordered in the following ways:

  • Within WMS

  1. New Purchase order via Receiving Register.

  2. New Purchase Order for a particular Customer Sales Order) - by right-clicking on the Sale in the WMS and selecting Create Purchase Order, this will open the WMS Purchase Order screen.

  3. Stock Ordering Management - via Receiving register > selecting Ordering Assistant.

Related Information

Workflow Restrictions

WMS Replicates 7 Months worth of Purchases. Once a purchase order is older than 7 months, it is marked as closed.

The OnOrder section in Item details window > Analyse > OnOrder is the un-received WMS amount. This figure will not include orders older than 7 months.

The analyse demand report and the analyse inventory report use the WMS on order quantity.

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