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Create new Sales Order in WMS

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This document explains how to create new Sales Order in WMS.

Detail Steps

Create a new Sale Order:

1. Select the Sales Register.

2. Select New Sale Order from the Shortcut sidebar.

Some WMS functions not found on the normal MYOB item Sale window include:

Price Levels: A CLEAR FLAG is shown if price levels have been created for the item selected.

Special Pricing: For any given customer-item combination, a SPECIAL PRICE SCHEDULE can be created. If a special price schedule is available on a Sale Order line, a RED FLAG is shown.

To display a report of current Special Pricing Schedules, select Stock then Special Pricing from the Reports menu. (optional module)

Example Order Entry

In the example, you will enter a WMS Sale Order.

1. Create the following sale, using the Enter key to shift focus from one field to the next. Then, with the grid selected, press {CTRL} + Enter from ITEM NUMBER, and the Stock Lookup form is displayed.

2. For complex item searches, click on Advanced Search to reveal additional options. Otherwise, use a simple search to check Stock Availability by Location.

3. Once you have completed data entry of 5 Cooler Filter Medium units to A-Z Stationary, select Record as Sale Order. A Sale Advice slip will then display.

4. Close the Sales Advice report and Sale Order. Notice that a new sale appears in the Sales Register.

5. Select the Despatch Register; you will now see this Order with an ‘RTP’ status READY TO PICK.

Drill to Despatch


  • The STATUS of order allows sales managers and warehouse managers to quickly assess what workflows are in progress or need to be started to complete the processing of an order. WMS Status types include; NSA (No Stock Available), Off Back Order, RTP, PICKED, PACKED, SHIPPED, CLOSED, and SPLIT.

  • Return to the Sales Register and double click the order just entered. We will now make some changes to the Sale.

To update a Sale Order Line select the item you want to change and double click it.

In this example, adjust the quantity to 2. Add a new line with 10 units of item 100 Cooler Large by clicking on the item number grid cell below item number 220.

Select Sale Order Line item 100 as described above and Right Click to display the popup menu. Select Show Pricing. The item special price schedule displays as shown.

Use the Customer drop-down box to review the various price schedules.


The PRICE of each line item can be modified by the User and Discounts applied to new prices by the same method used in the MYOB Item Sale window.

For example, if you modify a price and revert to the normal selling price, select the line, click Review Special Pricing, and click Apply Normal Price.

Drill to Despatch Order Entry Routine

When needing to enter several Orders that have shipped, use the DRILL TO DESPATCH… short-cut.

  1. Follow the Create Sale Order procedure. However, instead of clicking Record Sale Order… click Drill to Despatch

  2. Depending on preference settings of Auto-Pick/Pack, the next form to be displayed will be either the Pick or Pack form… click either FAST SHIP… or FAST PACK… PACK… FAST SHIP…

  3. Confirm the Order as shipped, and a new blank sale order will appear ready for the next order entry.


  1. Login to WMS.

  2. Go to Sales Register.

  3. Find Sale you want to Clone.

  4. Highlight sale.

  5. Right-click and Select.

6.Edit Quote screen will Open.

7.Update Quote or Update Sale as Order.

Related Information

All WMS Sale Orders must have the status SHIPPED to indicate they can be invoiced. See the procedure on converting orders to SHIPPED here Invoicing and Closing Sales.

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