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Changing/Updating Fulfilled Sales
Changing/Updating Fulfilled Sales

Picked/ Packed/ Shipped Sale Lines Items

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Once Sales are PICKED/PACKED/SHIPPED Sale Lines Items are locked for edits. This workflow shows how to update sale line quantities for errors.

Detail Steps

Releasing the Order

Option 1

Locate and open the relevant Sale Order in the Sales Register. The line to update should be “greyed” and locked. Select the line with a single Left mouse-click; now Right mouse-click over the line to display the context menu and select Release Line.

Option 2

Find the Order in the despatch right click and select "Release order(s)" this will release all stock on non closed orders.

Option 3

From the despatch register double click the order, this will open the next available action for the order, in most screen there is a review option on the bottom left.

Once you are in the manual picking/packing screens you can select the items requiring releasing by marking the check boxes and selecting "Release Stock" (Picking Screen) or "Unpack Order" (Packing screen).

Depending on the nature of the order line problem you can now choose from the following two workflow actions:


  1. Click Drill to Despatch Order then set the line item you wish to BackOrder to RTP (if it is PICKED click NONE > tick the line item > then click Release Stock).

  2. Click Split Order from the sidebar , you will now be prompted to create a Back Order for the RTP lines. Confirm by clicking Yes then close the Pick Order form.

  3. On Sales form verify Print Order method. Select a print option as required , then click Update Sale Order.


  1. Click Drill to Despatch, select Yes to save changes, then double-click on the Line Item to enable the Manual Pick.

  2. NOTE: If you are taken to the PACK ORDERS screen. Click Review Pick (near the Back Arrow).

  3. Double click in the Picked column and update the count. Adjust the Picked Quantity to match the Quantity to Ship.

  4. Click Use Selected > click Yes when prompted to split the line quantity and update the sale order.

  5. Click Split Order and select Yes when prompted to create a BackOrder. Once the Split completes close the pick form.

  6. On Sales form verify Print Order method > select a print option as required, then click Update Sale Order.

Workflow Options

When Count Errors occur an Item Count Adjustment should be made immediately. Or fill-out a SCI (Stock Count Irregularity) form. This should trigger a recount on the form.

Related Information

* CLOSED STATUS transactions may not be released.

WMS physically allocates stock to Despatch Orders – and assumes that at each process step (Pick/Pack/Ship) order quantities have been confirmed as correct.

Use this workflow to make updates to Orders that were either entered with Incorrect Quantities or actual Quantity picked differs from the WMS stated Pick/Pack Quantity.

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