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Create a new Customer card
Create a new Customer card

Create a new Customer or Supplier card in WMS

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This document explains how to create a new Customer or Supplier card in WMS.

WMS only allows creating new cards. Editing is not supported in WMS and is managed in Accounting software.

Detail Steps

  1. Login to WMS > Open Tools Finds Contacts "New Contact".

2. Fill in the card information.

3. Click "Save and Close."

4. Go to Tools > Connect > Replicate from Accounting > select "Express" mode to bring a new card to Accounting software.

Once the new card is in Accounting software, you can update details, and with the next replication, info will come across to WMS.

Workflow Restriction

If the "New Contact" option is not available in Customer Lookup Assistant, please go to the Options Preferences Replication tab to enable "Allow creating of Accounting contacts directly from WMS" > Record Preferences.


Customer card type defaults to "Company."

  • To change the Customer card type from Company to Individual > go to Accounting system > change "Designation" field.

  • Then perform WMS Express Replication, and changes will reflect in WMS > Tools > Find Contacts.

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