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WMS Preferences - Security
WMS Preferences - Security

Security Preferences within Datapel

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WMS Security Preferences


The following are advanced preferences and can control the Inventory processes and workflows of WMS.

Workflow Suggestion

Consult a Datapel Systems Representative before making any changes after the initial installation date.

Detail Steps

Important Note

You need to log in as a Superuser to make Security Preference Changes.



Allow Progressive Receiving of WorkOrders

ON - receiving entry to be generated on WorkOrder creationProgressive Receiving of WorkOrders.

Show Units and Quantity in Bill of Material and for Kits

On will show and use Units and Qty Measures in BOM and Kits

Allow fractional quantity for Items

On will turn on Fractional Quantities for Selected Items. Allows setup of this option against selected Items. Do not import Stock from MYOB as part of the setup if need to use as figures will be incorrect once this setting is changed.

Manually Refresh registers to view user changes.

On will Manually Refresh Registers when filters are selected. OFF unless issues with System speed.

Show extended description on Pick/Pack.

Will show extended description if selected as use item notes in Accounting software, in pick pack screens.

Always apply Date Filter in Register Search

On will Always apply Date Filter in Register Search.

OnHold locks Order at the current status

ON – makes sure it cannot be Picked, etc.

Set Approve/Recall on Order Assignment

OFF - Barcode/Handheld sets the order to be picked on scanner once approved in the system.

Force “I Inventory” for Items

Force all Non-Inventory Items to become Inventory.

Set or Clear Batch Serial tracking for Items

Set or Clear all Batch Serial Tracking within WMS.

Assign Assembly Batch# as:

Select How Assembly Batch# generated.

Default Pick Method

Select default Pick method

Suppress comments in Detail View

/c comments are suppressed in the Sales Registry summary view.

Update Assembly Order references on Splitting linked Sale Orders

If connected Sales Order is Split, then Assembly Job is also updated.

Allow scaling of Bill of Materials recipe with production quantity

Allows scaling on Components to include wastage.

Use continuous batch allocation for assemblies production

Uses just one batch per assembly build.

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