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User Defined Fields (UDF)

User Defined Fields (UDF)

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It is important that Items are unique and that item names and descriptions are complete. In order to get benefit from the WMS Customer filed item search, User Defined Fields should be allocated and labelled using the Inventory detail User Fields.

They work exactly as per the Custom fields.

The functionality at this point in time is;

  • Search able in Item list.

Searching UDF fields

Duplicate word searches are only available when using the show all option.

You cant split a search into two strings with a space, if you change the drop down search to a specific field, it is still searching for the whole string with the space included.

For example if you have R252 in a udf field and you search for "R2 52" it cant find it. A space does not define two strings to search for, it is just accepted as part of the one string.

If you had "PR2 52P" in the field and you search for "R2 52" it would find it.

  • Available to filter reports (via drill in search box, drop down show all and select custom fields.)

What this means is, all reports related to items can be filtered to just show items with a matching Custom field.

In custom reports, grouping could be setup by these fields; however, as they are text fields, typing errors and slight variations in fields will cause new groups to be created as they are not an exact match.

Detail Steps

To setup User Defined Fields:

1. Log in as the Superuser.

2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Select User Field Tab.

3. Check all extended field defined.

4. Click Record Preferences (bottom right corner of Preferences).

5. Select a Item from the Item Register and select User Field Tab as below.

6. Enter the custom description in the relevant User Fields as Shown.

7. To Search User Fields in Item Register select the Custom Fields Option in the drop-down list.

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