Box Scan Workflow

Box Scan Workflow

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This document explains the Box Scan Workflow.

Detail steps

There are a number of new barcodes that are recognised listed below.




BOX3 .... BOX9

So far, it has only been designed to work in Quick Despatch - COUNT (scan pack) workflow.

When you start a COUNT (must be picked), the first box #1 is default - all items scanned will get a record in the BXL_BoxList table.

If you scan BOXED or BOX# barcode as above, the Quick Despatch will show the box number being packed so you can force BOX2 - then back to BOX1 etc.


Order 00058787 having 3 item and I’m allocating into 3 boxes:

1. Scan QUICK.

2.Scan COUNT.

3.Scan Item 1.

4. Scan BOXED.

5 . Scan Item 2 (depends how many you want to include here).

6.Scan BOXED.

7.Scan next item.

8. Scan BOXED > PACK.

9. Open the Packing Slip and it recorded in the separate boxes successfully.

Related Information

You will need to update the PACKORDER form to show the related box# to item codes.

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