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QUICK scan "COUNT" workflow

QUICK scan "COUNT" workflow

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This workflow is triggered by first scanning an order TO# or SO# then scanning the COUNT shortcut. This workflow is triggered by first scanning an order TO# or SO# then scanning the COUNT shortcut.

This enables a scan COUNT workflow that expects an ITEM BARCODE to be scanned up the number of SCANS in a SPECIAL COUNT COLUMN.

Detail Steps

To use the COUNT workflow the form must behave in the following manner.

1. On Entry to the PACK form - if only one order is selected it should be "SELECTED" for processing.

2. User can Scan COUNT, CHECK.

3. In the case of COUNT - once all items have been SCANNED the order should AUTOMATICALLY PACK.

4. Form should be accessible from the QUICK DESPATCH form using the NEXT scan code.

5. After an ITEM Scan in COUNT mode continue scanning the individual barcodes.

  • COUNT - requires each item be scanned until the COUNT QTY COLUMN = UNIT QTY COLUMN. Count will ALERT if the COUNT QTY will EXCEED the ORDER QTY

  • CHECK - required ONLY ONE item SCAN which sets COUNT = QTY and ALLOWS MULTIPLE SCANS of the same item code - reporting ONLY if the item is OK or NOT IN ORDER

    PACK stock screen when in COUNT or CHECK mode will now SORT and COLOUR CODE lines as each is VERIFIED and COMPLETED.

The workflow - as before is to Scan each product Barcode verified the SCAN VALID sound will be played If the Barcode is NOT FOUND or OVER COUNT the SCAN INVALID sound will play. This provides BOTH visual and audio feedback to the USER.

As each item is VERIFIED, it is now being moved to the END OF SCAN LIST scanned items as per below:

Workflow Restrictions

  • To further differentiate between scan CHECK and COUNT the HIGHLIGHT COLOUR has been CHANGED to ORANGE for COUNT and GREEN for CHECK.

  • As an item is getting FOCUS/HIGHLIGHT to show the User the number of UNITS and the COUNTED QTY.

Related Information

Partial COUNTS will NOT BE retained if the workflow is CANCELLED.

If the user intents to PART PACK and order WILL BE IGNORED during the new SCAN COUNT workflow.

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