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Setting Default Shipping Methods
Setting Default Shipping Methods

Setting Default Shipping Methods

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This document explains how to define and set the Default Shipping Method.

Workflow Restriction

It is recommended that for each Location Supplier and Customer card, the default Shipping Method be set to the most frequently used transport method.

Datapel will continue to populate/replicate Accounting Software Shipping methods if:

  • they are still in Accounting Software


  • have been assigned as the default shipping method on any card

New shipping methods created in WMS are written across to Accounting Software ONLY with accompanying Sale etc.

Detail Steps

Define Shipping Methods. As The WMS uses shipping Method defaults in sales and transfers, these and other defaults (comments, salesperson, terms, etc.) are set up for each customer.

For Transfers between Locations and Bins, you should set up a ‘TRANSFER’ shipping method.

For outgoing transactions, the customer's/suppliers default shipping method will load into the form and can be altered to the correct method (another option in the list) if required.

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