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Xero Integration Outline
Xero Integration Outline

Integrating the outline of Xero

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The Datapel WMS can interface directly with the Xero accounting solution to provide enhanced Inventory Management functionality. As a result, warehouse and operational workflows are undertaken in the Datapel WMS while accounting activities continue in the Xero environment.

Detail Steps

Products and Services List

The master item list is maintained in Xero. We require the Product details to be configured in Xero with Product Code, Name, buying and selling account details with base selling and standard cost. Key master product list details cannot be modified in Datapel WMS as a security measure. However, it is possible to add User Defined fields and other price attributes within Datapel WMS.

Contacts List

In order to purchase and sell products, a supplier and customer list must exist in Xero. It is possible to create NEW Customers once the integration is complete. The Datapel WMS requires that contact be defined as EITHER a customer or supplier. If you require the same entity to be both, you will need to create TWO DIFFERENT CONTACTS. To enable Datapel Users, we need to specify the Individual Contact type in Xero.

Tax Codes

When working with Datapel WMS tax codes are summarised into 3-digit shortcuts. All the standard Tax Codes from Xero are mapped through to WMS Tax shortcut codes. Typically WMS will automatically select the right code for the Product or Service based on the item or customer defaults. Custom TaxCodes are also supported and can be configured by the Datapel System Implementor.

Accounts List

In order to manage the mapping of payments to the relevant accounts, the Chart Of Accounts is read by the WMS to identify an Account Number, Account Type, and Account Name.

Company Details

The company details for Display Name and ABN should be initialised correctly in Xero as these are used to link your WMS workspace to your Xero accounting information.

​General Configuration

Some Xero Product and Contact fields are REQUIRED and/or RECOMMENDED for use with Datapel WMS, and these are reviewed in the sections below.

​Additional Lists

Datapel WMS extends the workflow and tracking capabilities of Xero by using dedicated lists that are created and managed within the WMS system alone. Some of these list items may be synchronised back to Xero for additional references or reporting purposes.
As these additional lists are not available in Xero, the implementation plan will outline which features will be enabled during GoLive. Examples of the extended lists include the Salesperson list, Shipping method list, Enhanced Job/Tracking Code list.

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