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Synchronising Xero contact list.

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The Contact Groups mapping option is the only option that continues to work and to avoid synchronisation issues with previous Skype Names, it is recommended to immediately switch all contact details to use Contact Groups for Xero mapping.

Skype Name is no longer valid to be used in Xero contacts list.

The required groups for Cloud.WMS are Datapel Customers, Datapel Suppliers and Datapel Users. Contacts not assigned to a group will be unavailable in Cloud.WMS

Detail Steps

The following types are used by Datapel: datapel.cus, datapel.sup, datapel.usr

  • It is recommended that you create CONTACT GROUPS for Datapel Customer, Datapel Supplier, and Datapel Users to keep your contacts sorted and to ensure that all contacts are correctly associated with a type.

  • Xero Customers and Suppliers smart list can be used to help filter the contact list then bulk apply the Datapel Customers and Suppliers respectively.

  • Any contact in Xero without a Datapel group will be ignored by Cloud.WMS

  • To ensure that CONTACTS are labelled correctly it is recommended they are created FROM the WMS once initial onboarding completes.

  • Account Number will be AUTOMATICALLY updated by the Datapel WMS, so it is recommended this be reserved from use in XERO directly.


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