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Xero Contact Groups replaces Skype Name
Xero Contact Groups replaces Skype Name

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This document explains how to use Contact Groups to map Xero customers, suppliers, and users into Cloud.WMS. Xero has removed the Skype Name field which previously provided this mapping function.

The Skype Name or Contact Groups mapping option continues to work in parallel, however to avoid synchronisation issues it is recommended to immediately switch all contact details to use Contact Groups for Xero mapping.

The required groups for Cloud.WMS are Datapel Customers, Datapel Suppliers and Datapel Users. Contacts not assigned to a group will be unavailable in Cloud.WMS.

Details Steps

  1. In Xero, Select 'Contacts' > Create three groups respectively.

  2. Select the Groups menu then create the Datapel Customers, Datapel Suppliers, Datapel Users using the Create group option.

  3. To assign multiple contacts to a group, tick the selection box associated with each contact then choose + Add to group.

  4. Individual contacts can be updated by reviewing contact details, then from the Options dropdown choose Add to Group.

  5. Select Options > Add to Group.

  6. Choose the relevant contact group and if relevant you can assign a Pricing group. Pricing groups map to the group identifier in Cloud.WMS and for contacts in multiple groups you must assign each Group[ ] option.

The example below shows a correctly Grouped Datapel Customer.

Workflow Restrictions

  • There is currently no Group import function available in Xero for bulk updating contact group association, you must use the multiple Add to group option.

  • Any contact in Xero without a Datapel group will be ignored by Cloud.WMS

  • A Location card should be added to the suppliers group only, Primary Person of the LASTNAME field, place the word datapel.location

Workflow Options

  • Cloud.WMS Contacts will only synchronise from the groups Datapel Customers, Datapel Suppliers and Datapel Users.

  • Pricing groups must conform to the Group[X] Label format, where X is a single letter (A-Z) and the Label can be your internal group name. Labels are visual prompts to identify the Group classification like Top Customers, Regional, or Discount.

  • Xero Customers and Suppliers smart list can be used to help filter the contact list then bulk apply the Datapel Customers and Suppliers respectively.

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