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Integrating Xero Onboard

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Generally, your appointed Datapel Professional Services consultant will work with you to make the initial connection between your Xero Company and Datapel Cloud.WMS workspace.

Detail Steps

Where a trial or demo period is active the following steps can be followed by your Xero administrator once your provisioned Datapel Cloud.WMS is accessible.

  1. Enter your company assigned URL for the Cloud.WMS service and enter your administrator email and password as provided by Datapel Professional Services.

  2. Next, your Subscriber ID should automatically initialize, if this is blank > please enter the code provided by Datapel Professional Services. Now click Onboard.

  3. You will be prompted to login to your Xero Account to begin the access authorization process, it is recommended you login with your Administrator account or create a datapel.WMS access account to simplify audit reporting.

  4. Now, Allow Access to your Xero from Cloud.WMS so that Contacts, Products and Transactions can be automatically synchronised to save any rekeying of information.

  5. You will then be redirected back to the Cloud.WMS, where you can choose the relevant Company details especially for those with multiple Xero, accounts against one email Administrator address. Tick the Company name then choose Verify Access > once verified continue to the next step.

  6. Completing our Xero configuration and health check identifies any setup problems that might cause problems during the initial connection. Click on Start Check to complete the verification process and if any issues occur make corrections as directed in the Status message. If you are unsure about the recommendations contact Datapel Professional Services.

  7. If all the setup and configuration checks are complete you will be ready to Create your Cloud.WMS workspace. This process can take between 2 to 15 minutes depending on the number of Contacts and Products within your Xero accounting workspace.

  8. Once the Replication and Synchronisation process completes you can choose to immediately setup the existing inventory stock holding within a master location (all products) or import Stock Take Files (STFs) that provide location by location inventory allocations.

You might want to complete User or Preference configuration in the following step, however, this can be done at anytime after workspace provisioning and synchronisation completes.

9. Finished. Workspace provisioning and initial synchronisation is completed.
Select Continue and Cloud.WMS will connect to your workspace ready for action.

10. Enter your login credentials using your email address and the password provided, it is recommended to configure user-profiles and security access rights before going operational.

We also recommend enabling Multi-Factor-Authentication for added online security.

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