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Xero Products and Services List

Listing Xero Products and services

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This document explains the product and service list between Datapel and Xero.

Detail Steps

The master item list is maintained in Xero as the following fields must be completed as per the example:

  1. Item Code should be completed as per an ITEM/PRODUCT naming convention. (see attachment)

  2. Item Name should be the descriptive Item information that appears on the invoice or purchase line description field.

  3. Items must include an ACCOUNT and TAX Rate selection.

  4. DO NOT TICK inventory tracking unless directed by DATAPEL.

The product can be BULK imported and updated using the XERO import assistant – be extremely careful as no backup can be taken in Xero, and your list could be overwritten or items β€œduplicated”, which might incur significant manual intervention to correct errors.

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