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Processing from the Despatch register

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All Order fulfillment activities start from the Despatch register. The despatch view is essentially the warehouse managers TO-DO list and is critical in coordinating warehouse activity.

The previous example of a Sale Order could not be fulfilled as it contained an Out-Of-Stock (NSA) item (100) with item 220 as serial number tracked.

Detail Steps

To fulfill this order, follow the Pick, Pack, Ship process again:

1. First, double-click the Sale Order in the Despatch Register.

2. Now, Click Pick Stock.

3. The WMS pick engine scans the stock in Perth and allocates available batch serial stock groups as appropriate. Here, Item 220 is selected and the serial numbers are shown as above.

4. Shipping Labels can be printed directly from the Pick or Pack forms while individual item barcode labels can be printed by drilling down on the individual items.

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