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ALERT Codes and Remedies
ALERT Codes and Remedies

ALERT Codes and Remedies

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This document explains some common ALERT codes that occur and can cause failures when:

  • Invoicing Sales Orders

  • Sending Adjustments to MYOB

  • Billing Purchase Orders

  • Signing Out WorkOrders to MYOB

  • Any IMPORT operation that causes a transaction to be created

Workflow Restriction

MYOB/ ABSS Premier (Malaysia) v21 have different Alert codes than in the Australian or New Zealand version.

Detail Steps

1: Follow the steps required to INVOICE Shipped Sale Orders or Send Adjustments/Credit Notes/Purchase Orders into Accounting Software.

2: Replication Incomplete or failed message is shown. Suppose the STATUS changes to ALERT note the sale order # and open the Status Reporter (Shift + F5). WMS will list the reason for the ALERT status with the invoice/order reference number.

How to view ALERT error messages:

From Sales register

  1. Open Sales Register.

  2. Find ALERT Sales Order.

  3. Right Click and Drill to Source.

  4. Select Show History.

From Audit Report

  1. Open WMS.

  2. Note Invoice# on Alert Status.

  3. Go to Tools > Status Reporter > System Audit Report or Shift + F5.

4. Enter Invoice# on the top right of the filter and widen the date range > press Enter.

Note: Please ensure to untick all checkboxes below before filtering

5. You may see the failed API error in the pink background.

6. Move your mouse cursor over to the word "API" so that the alert prompt will show.

7. Please search in our Knowledgebase using the error message to fix this issue—Knowledgebase link with a list of ALERT errors under MYOB errors/Import errors.

8. If the alert error message not found in Knowledgebase or the solution given doesn't fix the issue, please send a screenshot of the error message taken from the Audit Report and email to [email protected] for further assistance.

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