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Code (20016) Unable to determine if import was finished
Code (20016) Unable to determine if import was finished

How to resolve error code (20016)

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The error (Unable to determine if import was finished) is not generated by WMS and thus we have limited capabilities to resolve it.

This is a known issue and widely discussed in MYOB forums and tech documents.

Detail Steps

Error Code (20016) is a known issue with MYOB. Datapel team investigation with logs found that WMS attempted to send data as per designed to MYOB but event viewer detailed occurrence of MYOB is crashing or becoming unresponsive.

Research and response from MYOB support forum:

1. Error "Unable to determine if import has finished" is being generated due to restricted access to the Win SENDMESSAGE API. To explain, when the ODBC driver sends a message to the MYOB process to perform the import using SENDMESSAGE, the driver must wait for a success (error code 0) or error (any other code) to move forward. The presence of the IMP file after the driver times out and returns this error indicates the response message is not being received by the ODBC driver. The inability to do anything other than wait is the default behavior of this API and cannot be altered, the timeout and error received is the best that can be achieved.

2. This error is generally caused by overloaded network and/or computer resources. Error can be intermittent.

Example of an issue:
1. Customer invoice sales to MYOB.
2. Sales then came across to MYOB with no issues.
3. All Sales orders in WMS changed its status from Shipped to ALERT. But it should be CLOSED.
4. In the status reporter, the error message appear as 'Code (20016) Unable to determine if import was finished'.

How to rectify the issue:

Sale Orders/ Invoices

1. First try resend the ALERT after the interval of 10-15 minutes by right-clicking the order from despatch register and click 'Invoice Shipped sale'. This will normally clear the ALERTS in WMS and replicate to MYOB successfully.

2. If this error ALERT is very frequent, it's better to restart the server to clear all the locked/ghost sessions and retry the step 1.

IF it didn't work, then follow the steps below to quick resolve the issue.

3. Change the option in Tools > Preferences > Replication Tab > Post sales as orders NOT invoice.
4. Go back to despatch register and highlight all sales > right click and select Invoice shipped sales.
5. All sales came across to MYOB as Orders.
6. All sales in WMS change status from Alert to CLOSED.
7. Check MYOB for any possible duplicated and remove them.

Receive Orders

1. Resend the ALERT again. Right-click ALERT order > Bill Received Order.

Related Information

Reference document which can be found in the MYOB support forum:
MYOB error and warnings table
Event log of MYOB from 30 Oct 2013 till 6 Nov 2013

Suggested plan: (by the developer)
As this is a known issue by MYOB, we are currently awaiting for their latest patch/upgrade where this issue will be resolved. We will continue to monitor this issue and update you on any news for this issue.


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