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Special Pricing (SPS)
How to edit or cancel Special Pricing Schedule
How to edit or cancel Special Pricing Schedule

Modify Special Pricing Schedules

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This article explains how to modify Special Pricing Schedules.

Detail Steps

1. Open WMS.

2. Go to Sales register.

3. Open Actions > select Special Pricing.

4. Search existing Special Pricing by Customer, Item or Date.

5. Select Special Pricing.

6. Select ''Edit'' or "Cancel".

7. Make the changed and select.

Related Information

  • Special price uses best price , lowest price.

  • If the same Item involved in two or more SPS setups then if any setup price set to 0 price and/or 0 discount then WMS will default to Base Sell Price. To resolve this issue please amend/delete zero value line or put 100% discount to give for free to re-calculate correct price.

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